HKRC nominated charity – Promise Dreams 

Who are Promise Dreams?

Promise Dreams is a registered charity set up in 2001 to make dreams come true for seriously ill and terminally ill children and their families. Our aim is to help as many children as we can.

We are based in Wolverhampton and help children throughout the UK. So far we have raised over £3.3m and almost 2000 very special children have had their dreams realised.

As a very small charity, with just 2 members of staff, we are able to keep our overheads very low which means more money goes towards helping the children. We also pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently as well as having close connections with our supporters and the families we are helping.

What Promise Dreams do.

Every child has dreams. When time is limited, or situations are tough, those dreams have even more value associated with them. For the past 22 years we have been making those dreams a reality for children and their families the length and breadth of the country. Thanks to our supporters and fundraisers we’ve been able to send hundreds of children and their families to the most magical places in the world. We’ve been able to bring together poorly children and their heroes. And we’ve been able to supply specialist equipment which makes families lives just that little bit easier.

Every child who has a dream delivered by Promise Dreams has a serious, life-limiting or terminal condition or illness. And it’s the least we can do to make sure they have the most wonderful memories with their families.

We continue to be very busy with numerous applications for help coming in every week and we have seen this number increase year on year. Not all dream requests are for holidays or special treats – many are for essential items to help the family and child such as a specialised wheelchair, specialist bath or household items. We are also still receiving many requests for memory making experiences for children who are not expected to be with us for much longer.

We are receiving a high number of applications through referrals from Young Lives vs Cancer – the UK’s leading charity providing support to families dealing with cancer. Many of these requests have to be dealt with via our Fast Track process which involves working very quickly as the prognosis of the child is normally only weeks.