Feb’ 2024 – Round 2 FINAL INSTRUCTIONS

To All Competitors taking part in this weekends race meeting at Kimbolton.
We need to bring your attention to our final instructions regarding keeping the volume of traffic as low as
possible. Yet again we have had at the circuit unrelenting amount of rainfall on Tues night and again today
Thurs 8 th with more forecast tonight. We have been pumping water most of the day but unfortunately its
not going anywhere quickly. All we ask is that you work with us (might want to bring your wellies). We will
be working as hard as we can again tomorrow to shift as much as we can to allow us to go racing. Those of
you that race in the teams please can you make them aware of this as well.
With the amount of rainfall, we have had this reduces the amount of space we have to park vehicles so
please can we ask that you car share as much as possible where you can.

Please make sure you read the following important information as it is for everyone’s benefit taking part.

As you are well aware of the inclement weather the country has been experiencing in recent months, can we ask that where possible for the next few months we ask that you help with keeping on site traffic down where possible and consider car sharing as there are certain parts of the site still a bit soggy. Thank you.

Please make sure you are organised with all the appropriate paperwork, licences, Parent/ Guardian etc. when checking in on SATURDAY/ SUNDAY morning. PLEASE NOTE UNTIL MARCH START TIME FOR BOTH DAYS WILL BE 9.30AM.

To Check in on Saturday for practice and Sunday if not doing practice day.

 Please make sure you have signed on, online. Emails will be going out over next few days to remind those of you that have not signed on yet. Please do not reply to the email regarding the meeting as this is automated.

Friday 9th (Set up day)
– Gates will open from 10:30
– Flood lights will be off from 22:00 or maybe sooner.
– Anyone arriving after lights off must park on grass area gate house and wait until staff arrive on Saturday morning or park around the Willows on the other side of circuit. Please do not park in a pit bay in the main paddock unless you have booked. When parking up please park sensibly to allow enough room for everyone AND Ambulance access. There is no access to the track on set up day.

Saturday 10th (Practice Day)
– Clubhouse open from 07:30 for checking in.
– First practice will commence at 9:30. First practice group to be on grid for 09:25. 
Sunday 11th (Race Day)
– Clubhouse open from 07:45 for checking in (only for those not attending on Saturday)
– Drivers briefing will be held on start finish line at approx. 09:00. Please remember it is mandatory for all drivers, PG license holders and team entrants to attend. At the discretion of the clerk of the course roll calls will be taken to ensure attendance.
– Racing will commence at 9:30. First session to be on grid for 09.20. 

– The main paddock area is exclusively for use by people with a pre-booked pit bay. Please do not park in one if you haven’t booked it or found out from the club if it is available. Some people with annual pit bays only do the race day and turn up Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Additional pit space is available in the area around turn 1 and behind the willows. For weekend Pit Bay availability please email hkrc.pitbays@gmail.com 

– Only working vehicles are permitted in the paddock area and all working vehicles MUST be parked within the confines of your pit space.
– Annual pit bay holders please ensure you display your pit pass at all times. If you haven’t received by now, please ask in Race Control.
– The roadways within the paddock area must be kept clear at all times to allow for emergency access. If at any time during the day a roadway is blocked the event will be stopped and will not resume until the roadway is clear.
– All other vehicles and spectator vehicles must be parked sensibly in the parking area to the right of the main gate along the tree line. At all times obeying any instructions given by HKRC officials.

Signing on will need to be completed via your Alpha account prior to the event.
– Please ensure that your license photographs are uploaded to your profile.
– Please ensure that your PG licence and photographs are uploaded to your Alpha profile.
– All competitors and PG license holders will need to check in with race control on practice day. Anyone not checked in by 08.45 on Sunday that wasn’t at practice will be withdrawn from the meeting.



– Scrutineering forms MUST be completed for Junior and Senior Rotax on Saturday by 15.00.
– Drivers briefing will be in Race Control Juniors at 15.00 and Seniors at 15.20.
– Those drivers in the first 2 heats will be notified of start time in your briefing.
– All Junior & Senior drivers must make sure they have scrutineered before 15.00.
– Tyre bar codes will also need to be scanned during SATURDAY.
– Please take your tyres down to scrutineering before 15.00.


– Scrutineering forms for all other classes must be completed on the Alpha system. These forms MUST be completed by 9:00 on SUNDAY. If for any reason you have difficulty completing, please see the Chief Scrutineer before 9:00 Sunday morning.
– Our scrutineering team will be conducting safety checks during Saturday. If they have not seen your kart, please let them know so they can complete the check.
– Tyre bar codes will also need to be scanned during Saturday. Please take your tyres down to scrutineering.

– Format for SUNDAY practice followed by TWO Heats and a Final.
– Scales will be closed during the practice session on Sunday morning to allow extra time for racing. If you wish to weigh you can do so before practice commences. 
– At all times whilst on site please follow the instructions given by HRKC or Motorsport UK officials.
– Engines can be started in the Assembly Area without excessive revving. We would prefer if you started engines on the dummy grid once kart is on the ground to help the club keep the neighbours happy. Or unless you have permission from the Chief Scrutineer to do otherwise.
– Please be respectful to our neighbours in the surrounding villages. Please keep to the speed limit.
Dogs must be kept securely within your awning space and must not be walked in the fields surrounding the track or in the paddock area.
– Please make sure that you are aware of the clubs supplementary regulations at all times.
Due to certain events that happened at our October meeting the Circuit is until further notice out of bounds on the Friday set up day and after practice finishes on the Saturday. Track walks are only permitted Saturday and Sunday morning prior to practice and racing.
As from November, rubbish bins will be situated in the cages around the main paddock these will be the only point where rubbish from the weekend can be left, we will have someone going around with bin bags for you which can be left outside your awning during the day or placed in the collection point. If you are missed, please call in at Race Control and ask for one. Please do not leave tyres at the circuit.
– Beware of the land drains around Willows they have been there for a while now markers are in place.
– Anyone doing an ARKS test on Saturday, please check your email for instructions.
– During busy months Entries will be available to members first for 7 days. Entries open on a Monday preceding the last meeting.

We hope you all have an enjoyable weekend with us at HKRC.
Hunts Kart Racing Club is run and organised in our spare time as we all have full time jobs so, please be patient when waiting for replies to emails. Please do not email the info email regarding entries or memberships a lot of emails end up in spam which is not checked very often and will probably be too late for us to reply before the meeting.

Entry and membership requirements need to be sent to compsec@hkrc.co.uk

Pit Bay Requirements need to be sent to Sarah hkrc.pitbays@gmail.com

The Club needs volunteers to help out at Race meetings if you feel that you can help the club in any way either becoming part of the committee or marshalling, please contact info@hkrc.co.uk or come and see us in race control.
If you are interested or would like to reserve a Pit Bay for 2024, please email Sarah at hkrc.pitbays@gmail.com