Here is a little information on what to expect and what you need to do to gain your msuk licence.

The ARKS Test is intended for drivers with some previous karting experience who wish to apply for their MSUK kart racing competition licence in order to compete in Owner/Driver MSUK race meetings. The test is in two parts: theory and practical this will take around four hours to complete.

Before drivers can progress into MSA competition races, they must obtain an MSUK licence by taking the ARKS Test at an approved club or school. Lasting for approximately four hours, the test consists of both a written multiple-choice examination and a practical driving test. It covers all aspects of the sport, emphasising safety and good driving technique. More details are supplied in the official MSA Starter Pack, and all the information required to take and pass the test.

The ARKS Starter Pack
You will need to purchase the MSUK Starter Pack in order to take your ARKS Test. The pack contains everything you will need to know for the test, as well as a licence application form and lots of useful information to get you started. The pack costs £64 approx. Available from Motorsport UK

The Cost
With you supplying your own kart and equipment (current and recognised) its £100 including track time, bookable on our website. Our tests are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month (maximum 6 people at any one time). If you require any more information, please contact Nigel 01353 720390 after 6pm.

Pre ARKS-Test Checklist
Please ensure the following before your ARKS test.

• Apply to Motorsport UK for the ARKS starter pack.
• Book yourself in on our website opening an alpha account and book in under Arks Test.
• Complete application form & attach passport sized photo.
• Arrange medical with doctor (Drivers over 18)
• Join a local MSA affiliated kart club
• Practice regularly to achieve target lap time (within 10%)
• Ensure kart meets current regulations
• Enclosed chain guard
• Secondary brake cable
• Brake disc protector
• Fit correct restrictor & lead weight for class minimum
• Fit black number plates with white numbers
• Test yourself on flag signals & information in training DVD which is a QR Code in the pack or see below.
• Approved crash helmet to meet current regulations.
• CIK approved race suit
• Gloves
• Boots

Prior to your test, please make sure that you watch the video on or on Abkc Website following the link
On the day of your test.

Check in at Race Control.
Make yourself known to our Club examiner Nigel. Who will then go through with you the proceedings for the day.