is From APRIL until OCTOBER both practice and race day will start at 10am. HKRC will still work hard to utilize as much track time for everyone over the race weekend delivery value for money.

Please ensure you have read and understand the supplementary regulations for 2023. These are posted in race control and are available on the HKRC website.

Membership and Race Entries must be done online using the link. If you require information regarding membership and entries, please contact daphnefreemancompsec@hotmail.com.

REMINDER – The track is off limits during Friday set up and after Saturday practice. This will be in force throughout the year.

In the past we have had number of tyres found thrown in the tree line and placed at the bottom of the waste bins around the site and even blatantly left on a pit bay if anyone is found responsible for leaving tyres the minimum fine is £100. The cost of disposal is increasing for the club and is not sustainable. Tyre Bar code readers are in operation at all meetings.


During the race weekends HKRC Officials are walking around the paddock checking on tyre disposal. HKRC will dispose of tyres for a cost of £5 per set of tyres please ask in Race Control, if not PLEASE take your used tyres home with you!

Passes are to be used when entering the assembly and grid or Parc Fermé areas. Only mechanics with passes will be permitted into these areas. ONE PASS per driver to be given to the mechanic. Wrist bands will be provided for non-club members on the band will be issued.

No under 16’s permitted onto the gallery and only mechanics with passes are permitted to use this area and smoking is not permitted. Anyone that are seen not to abide by these rules will not be permitted to return to the gallery for the race weekend.

The paddock is not for general car parking, the grass area on the other side of the tree line must be used for mechanics and spectator vehicles or over around the other side of the circuit. There is an area that can be used for camping at the far end of the site Any competitor parking deemed not to be appropriate will be asked to move. AND IF SAFE ACCESS to SITE and PADDOCK is compromised for emergency services if required then the meeting will have to be stopped.

Always assume there is no room in the main paddock. Bays can be rented from £30 per weekend or £50 on the tarmac if available please contact hkrc.pitbays@gmail.com or race control for availability. If anyone is parked on a bay that has not be hired, then they will be asked to move or Pay for Hire if the bay is not to be used for the weekend.

Requests are now being taken, Existing bay holders have first opportunity to retain for the following season.

There is FREE pit bay space on the around STOW CORNER AND WILLOWS side of the track

ALL PITBAY holders issued with a permit must display to enable the Club to ensure that competitors are parked in their correct bays. The permits will be handed out by HKRC officials or can be collected in race control over the race weekend.

No Parking in unallocated pit bays, you will be asked to move

NO dogs are permitted to be walked on the circuit, only on the other side of the tree line upon entering the site.

Due to the showers being damaged in the past they will not be available during the day and will only be opened for a limited amount of time in the evening after racing and first thing in the morning. HKRC apologizes for the inconvenience that this may cause


KART & PG ENTRANT LICENCES Both the entrant / driver licence and the PG Entrant licence must always be available at a race meeting, even if not requested due to digital signing on, although we do ask that you bring to race control when checking in and if the parent or guardian is not present, or a team entrant licence is being used, then a letter of authority must be given to the club and the club will retain that letter and keep a record of the individual signing on as guardian. Pro-forma for the letter of authority is available on the MS UK website. Foreign licenced drivers do not need a PG Entrant licence.
On track driver warnings will be displayed by the Digi flag sited above the start/finish line gantry. Any driver not observing this warning may be excluded from the race
On track driver warnings will be displayed by the digiflag sited above the start/finish line gantry. Any driver not observing this warning may be excluded from the race
Water cooled engines can have tape or covers added but are not to be altered or removed during the race
HKRC official signs that are posted around the site are to be adhered to. Anyone found to disregard the sign content may be excluded from the meeting
HKRC will not accept competitors to become a HKRC member after October of the race season
HKRC scrutineers reserve the right to parc ferme tyres from any chosen class during the race meeting. When requested drivers arrive at the assembly area two races prior to their race to enable tyres/rims to be bolted to the kart
Regulation 18 amended- Grid positions for the final is determined by the combined heat/ qualifying results. In the event of tied points awarded then the highest grid position will be decided by the highest position achieved first. First highest time may also be used if points are tied. In the event that the finals cannot be completed the results and championship points are determined on the calculated grid position for the final. In the event of a heat being cancelled, the result for this are determined by the heat grid position
Notice to all competitors that the Following Traders are recognized as the ONLY Official traders at each Hunts Kart Racing Club race weekend during the 2022 season………….Spellfame
Please be aware that everyone involved with running the club do so in their spare time as all have full time jobs so in some instances it may take slightly longer to reply to emails or update website etc…